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"Jawsome Speech"

"Jawsome Speech"

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Speech therapy SHARKS-themed materials! This Speech Cube contains the following items:

  • Steve the Scoop & Splash Shark
  • Shark Grabber
  • Jumbilee Stories: Story Building Game
  • Two negation visuals (includes a digital copy as well)
  • Building a Sandcastle story sequencing cards from  @thesparkinnovations
  • Themed articulation targets
  • PDF of sharks-themed language activities including:
    • Shark Theme Cover Page w/ 2x4" label
    • Articulation Targets: Sharks
    • Boom Deck: Feed the Shark
    • Shark Communication Board
    • Shark I Spy
    • Shark Real Action Photos
    • Shark Theme Basic Concepts
    • Shark Craft
    • Roll-a-Shark Reinforcer
    • Real Facts: Sharks
    • Multisyllabic Sharks
    • Shark Feelings Smash Mat
    • Shark Sentence Frames
    • Pronoun Practice
    • Describing Mats
    • Compare/Contrast: Whale vs. Shark
    • Feed the Shark (w/ food items)
    • Inference Cards: Sea Creatures
    • Vocalic /ar/ Challenge Sentences
    • Save the Sea Creatures: Final Consonant Deletion Targets

This product includes licensed images from the Smarty Symbols library. All rights reserved to Smarty Symbols, LLC Used with permission.