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December 2021: "Get Wild"

This cube is currently available in our shop - click the image above to grab your own!

TPT Seller of the Month

Our "Get Wild" TPT Seller of the Month is Alisa from Sunny Day Speech. Grab her "Jungle Wh-Questions Boom Deck" by clicking the picture below!

"Who's in the Wild?" Game

Guessing games are the best trick up our sleeves as SLPs, right?! This @mudpuppykids version is really versatile for a variety of ages on your caseload. For older students, play as directed by describing the animals without using the "off limits" (think "Taboo") words. To make it a little simpler, just describe the animals without using it's name (think "HeadBandz"). For your younger students these cards are another fun resource to target describing, answering WH questions, similarities and differences, talking about likes/dislikes, and more!

Mad Libs - Animals


Mad Libs hold a special place in my heart from my own childhood. I was OBSESSED and so were my friends. They can get as wacky as you want and offer so many laughs! Mad Libs are a great tool to work on vocabulary. Have a target list in mind before starting and have students use the context clues to fill in the blanks. Throw in some silly/unexpected words on the list and have your students explain how it makes the story nonsensical! 
Some other goals to incorporate using Mad Libs:
- articulation
- sentence comprehension
- word finding (hide the word bank)

Jungle Animals Scissor Magnet


I'm loving this adaptive scissor accessory from @hungrycutters! Attach it to the top blade of the scissors to encourage correct finger placement for little ones that are learning to use scissors. Your emerging-cutters are sure to be motivated to keep their hand and arm in the "thumbs up" position!

Letter Felt Board

I've been loving this mini letter board to make weekly message in my speech room! I like to teach my older students puns, idioms, and other figurative language even if it's not their main goals in speech therapy. These are some of my favorite jungle animal idioms and puns:

"the elephant in the room"

"go ape over it"

"toucan play at that game"

What are your favorites jungle animal idioms or puns? Let us know!

Sequencing Cards

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is focused on "Building a Doghouse." Now that my collection of sequencing cards is getting much larger, I have such a variety to choose from during therapy or assessment sessions! I like to use sequencing cards to work on higher level language skills like problem solving and cause and effect. I find myself grabbing them often to work on formulating complex and compound sentences, too!

While using this month's set of cards, I worked with my students on formulating sentences using conjunction "and" to connect ideas from each picture. I got a minimum of 6 sentences per set, per student! 

Mini Jungle Animals

These mini animals have been a huge hit paired with the Counting Surprise Party (Learning Resources) toy from the August 2021's "Birthday Bash" Cube! My little ones love requesting the color present box they want - and this pairs perfectly with the sentence strips we sent out in our recent freebie!  

Artic Norms Sticker

What a cute and FUNCTIONAL sticker from @thegigglySLP! This would be great to keep on your planner or notebook for parent meetings so you always have the information handy. 


Also inside this cube: Two dry-erase compatible "is/can/has" describing bookmarks. Perfect for pairing with the Mini Jungle Objects, "Who's in the Wild" Game, and the sequencing cards!



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