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How does it work?

It's easy! Just follow this 3-step direction: 

1. Pick your subscription type. You can choose a single cube (one-time payment), a monthly cube with recurring payment (if you want to cancel or skip, must cancel by the 6th of the month), or a prepaid 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription (discounted price but cannot cancel).

2. Sit back and relax! Each month we will send you a Speech Cube full of hand-picked, functional, and FUN items to help make your SLP life easier. 

3. Open and enjoy! Speech Cubes ship the 1st week of the upcoming month. If you order a monthly subscription or a single box in April, your box will ship the first week of May. Enjoy & let us know if there are other products you would like to see included!

What will be in my Speech Cube?

Each month, receive 5+ items containing a variety of speech therapy materials, toys, games, sensory items/fidgets, and more! Each cube includes a combination* visual supports, open ended scenes, communication boards, artic targets, and therapy ideas. Starting March 1st, 2023, each box ordered during the subscription window will ALSO get a PDF of 10+ themed language activities! *may not include all of these items.

Check out previous boxes here!

What ages are your cubes made for?

Our Speech Cubes are geared mostly toward preschool and early elementary aged students. Note: some of the products included in our cubes are not appropriate or safe for children under 3. Many of the products include small parts. 

I'm a brand-new CF. Is Speech Cube right for me?

YES! We have worked with many new SLPs and want to support their first few years! Many new CFs have shared they don't have the materials, resources, or organizational support to feel successful their first year. That's where we come in :).

I'm a veteran SLP. Is Speech Cube right for me?

YES! Our Speech Cubes include unique materials and brands that you may not be familiar with yet! We hope to introduce you to some amazing and versatile resources to use in therapy. PLUS, our cubes include much more than ONLY therapy materials! We also send you fun organizational products and resources that will make your work-life more fun & functional.

I'm a parent - is Speech Cube right for me?

At this time, our Speech Cubes are geared toward Speech-Language Pathologists for use in speech therapy. We have some parent customers who purchase Speech Cubes and bring them to therapy sessions to see how the therapist uses them in order to imitate the strategies at home!

Check out our friends at for more parent-friendly options!

Can I send a Speech Cube as a gift?

Absolutely! You can send a single cube as a gift, or, if you're feeling very generous or thankful, you can send a multiple month (3-, 6-, 12 prepaid) subscription. When you check out, fill out your billing information, then at the bottom of that section, choose “Ship to a different address” and you can enter your gift recipient’s address. Email us with any questions:

Can I share the digital version of the resources?

We are flattered you want to share Speech Cube visuals or digital activities! However, all of our resources are copyrighted so please treat them as such. 

Here is what you CAN do:

  • Share this resource - digitally or via print - with parents of your clients or students
  • Share this resource - digitally or via print - with staff within your workplace (e.g. school building but NOT district-wide)
  • Print this resource for your caseload

But here is what you CANNOT do:

  • Claim this resource as your own
  • Share this resource digitally via google drive or other sharing system
  • Post anywhere online - private or otherwise
  • Share with your SLP friends/colleagues who do not work with you. Please direct them to! If they want access to a specific resource, have them email us at

When will I get my Speech Cube?

Speech Cubes ship the first week of each month. We are currently taking orders for the upcoming monthly cube through the end of the previous month (unless we sell out!!). So, for example, if you subscribe or buy in March, you would receive the April cube which ships the first week of April. If you order in April, you would receive the May box. 

How often/when will I be billed?

If you order the single box option, you will billed when you place your order. 

If you order the monthly subscription, you will be billed when you first place your order, then again at midnight EST on the 7th of each month. If you want to skip or cancel, you must do so prior to the 7th (the 6th would be the last day). You will receive a reminder email a few days before the 7th so you are never surprised! 

If you order a prepaid multi-month subscription, you will be billed for the entire subscription when you place your order. An "order confirmation" will go to your email on the 7th of the month, but you will only be charged at the initial time of purchase. You cannot cancel due to the discounted rate.

How do I change my credit card information or my shipping address?

You can update your information in the My Account section under Manage Payment Options and Address Book. If you are moving and are a monthly subscriber, please email us to let us know of your change of address! This will help up triple check your cube heads to your new home!

How do I cancel my subscription?

We will be super sad but understand and are happy to help you cancel if you need to. You can cancel your subscription through "Manage Subscriptions" under "My Account". OR, feel free to email us directly ( and we will take care of the cancellation.

(note: after you cancel your account, you will still receive any Speech Cubes that you have already paid for. Billing occurs on the 11th of each month.) You can easily re-activate your subscription at any time by accessing your account.

Can I skip a month in my subscription?

Sure! If you want to put your month-to-month subscription on hold, you can do so through "Manage Subscriptions" under "My Account" or simply email us ( and we will get you set up.

My Speech Cube arrived damaged, incomplete, or it didn’t arrive at all, what do I do?

Oh no! Please email us directly ( so we can make it right! Also, check out our Refund Policy for more information about delivery issues. 

My question wasn’t answered here, now what?

That's okay, we are here to help! You can email us directly any time: We will get back to you within 2 business days.