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What's Inside?

Each month, we (two pediatric SLPs!) handpick products from top brands to curate a box of themed therapy materials & supports - to help make your therapy planning EASY! Each box includes a combination of the following:

⭐  2-3 themed products, including toys, games, books, or therapy accessories!

⭐  A themed communication board (includes both English and Spanish!)

⭐  Open ended themed scene - use these with mini objects/erasers! These scenes are designed to allow you to target various language goals at one time.

⭐ Set of 2 visual supports related to a specific therapy target/goal (these are not themed, so you can use them across sessions!). Comes with a digital version as well!

⭐ Sequencing set from The Spark Innovations. We try our best to align these with the theme when we can!

PDF full of language activities related to the monthly theme - each PDF comes with 10+ activities to help you address specific language targets during your themed sessions.

⭐ Often, we will also feature an SLP creator of the month! These SLPs create a themed digital file just for YOU. 

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