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December 2022 - "Science Wonder" Science Theme

SLP Seller of the Month

Our "Science Wonder" SLP Seller of the Month was Nikki from @teachspeech365
We loved the science-themed reverse interactive book she made for our "Science Wonder" customers!
Check out her other reverse interactive books by clicking the image below!

Science Themed Communication Board + Open Ended Scene


The science-themed open-ended picture scene is a great material to bring out with your mixed groups because you can focus on vocabulary building in context, sentence formulation, asking/answering questions, problem solving, inferencing, articulation, and more! Picture scenes are a great tool to target receptive language with prompts like, "find something that is yellow" or "find something that you can eat."

Picture scenes are also a great material to use during assessments to gather a language sample.  

Rock N' Gem Surprise  

This toy is open-ended and can be used in a variety of ways - the best kinds of toys! Your kids will love the hands-on way they use a hammer to open the gems, and they'll love seeing what's hidden inside. Use the hidden gems, or hide other mini objects inside. It's a great way to target making predictions ("what do you think is inside?") or inferences ("it's an animal that barks"). Easily pair this with a coloring page and have students find items with the same/different color from the gem inside. 

If you missed this box, grab this toy at My Speech Shop and get a FREE speech therapy cheat sheet!

Mad Mattr Sensory Sand

Sensory sand, slime, and play dough are great for all ages! Sticking with the science-theme, have your students predict (using the visual strip from your box!) what the Mad Mattr sensory sand will feel like. Also have them feel dough and slime (if you're brave enough for slime -- honestly, I'm not most days!) and talk about how they feel the same and different. This sand is also great for kids or SLPs in need of a sensory brain break!

Coding Critters

Coding Critters are so fun and are such a unique toy! Each critter comes with a book that gives directions for a screen-free coding adventure. This is a great activity to do as a group to practice following directions. Then talk about what happens when you press each button -- cause and effect! 

Pilot Community Helper Sequencing Set

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is "Pilot - Community Helper." Sequencing cards are a versatile tool for your SLP toolkit for all age groups. Use them to introduce new themes, start a conversation, or tap into background knowledge. Sequencing cards are a useful tool during assessments or to gather baseline data on just about any skill you are targeting.

Making Predictions Visual Support

This month's visual strip goes perfectly with science-themed lessons - predicting! You'll get lots of use out of this when you incorporate this month's items into your lessons! It's also dry erase compatible and can be used over and over again. Scan the QR code included in the package to download a digital version.  Grab a set for yourself by clicking the image above!


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