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February 2022: "For the Love of Speech"


This cube sold out - don't miss our current Speech Cube!

TPT Seller of the Month

Our "For the Love of Speech" TPT Seller of the Month is Abby from @the.type.b.slp
Abby made this amazing Core Word Boom deck with a Valentine's Day focus! It was a winner in my whole group and small group sessions. Grab yours if you missed it by clicking the picture below!

"The Day it Rained Hearts"

"The Day it Rained Hearts" is such a classic must have in your SLP library. If you haven't read the story yet, it incorporates a sweet lesson about putting extra thought into a gift makes both the gift-giver and gift-receiver feel extra special. It's a versatile book that can be used for your whole PreK through elementary caseload. If you teach older kids, you could also use this book's theme/concept to kick off deeper social skills lessons about giving and receiving gifts, expected and unexpected behaviors related to gift-giving, and writing a personalized card/note to someone. The internet is full of free materials (crafts, cooking, lesson plans, etc!) that go along with this book. You could use it the whole month!
Also, if you're an email subscriber you received a free download for Valentines cards that includes this theme of a personalized message. What a perfect companion for "The Day it Rained Hearts." 

Valentine's Hidden Picture Puzzles 

Hidden picture activities are always a crowd pleaser! This set includes a word bank with visuals, so it makes it accessible for a variety of ages. I love using these types of active-independent activities while student's "wait their turn" in some of my larger-than-I-wish-they-were groups. Extend this activity by making it a vocabulary and expressive language lesson. Some ideas for sentence frames:

Target location/prepositions/where questions: The _______ is next to/under/above the ______. **use with this month's preposition data strips!
Target labeling nouns: I found the ______. Or, I see the _____. 
Target describing with attributes: The ______ is used for _____. Or, The ______ is _____.


Red Glo Pals


You may remember a set of Glo Pals in a previous Cube -- I loved them so much I purchased more on my own!! I was excited to see these in this month's Cube as well! I love the backstory of this company -- Glo Pals were inspired by a child with autism who had sensory aversions to bath time. Check out their website for free teaching resources targeted to preschool and school-aged children! Some key finds for speech therapy on their website are:
  • PreK -2nd grade: "Memory Recall" stories about each Glo Pal with an accompanying "Matching" sheet to tell about the likes of each Glo Pal.
  • 3rd-5th grade: "Building a Water Slide" STEM activity -- so many language targets involved! And what fun!

Mini Heart Erasers
(with an organizing tin!)

 Do you love mini objects? They're such a fun and simple way to change up your go-to therapy materials. I like the use them as game pieces, hidden in sensory bins, or inside of another object to target functional language. 

Sequencing Cards

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is focused on "Baking a Cake." This a fun and versatile topic that most kids can really get into! With cooking there is SO much that can go awry, but it's always so much fun. Use this set to engage in conversations about their experiences with cooking, as well as problem solving the various things that could go wrong. As an extension activity involving problem solving, check out the video "Salt: A Thanksgiving Story" on YouTube. Check out past blogs for other ideas of how to use your growing collection of sequencing cards!

Valentine Heart Lanyard

If you love being festive for holidays, then I know you loved this lanyard from Brooklyn Jane Designs! I bet many of your kids will love it, too! Check out more of Brooklyn James Design's products in her Etsy shop.

  Also included in this cube:
- Two Preposition Data Strips - check your email for digital data sheet!


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