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February 2023: "Friendship Fun"

Did you miss this one? Check out our mini Friendship cube available here!

TPT Seller of the Month

Our "Friendship Fun" TPT Seller of the Month was Yasmin from @the_behavioral_speechy! We loved the friendship-themed book companion she shared with subscribers this month - browse her other products on her shop by clicking the image below:

Friendship Scene Play Board 
+ I Spy Game

"I spy two kids helping..."There is no better "grab n go" activity than I Spy! On one side of this play board is a picture scene with check boxes to quickly play I Spy with the visual support built right in!

On the other side is a picture scene that can be used to target speech sounds, describing, simple inferences, categories, prepositions, or receptive/expressive vocabulary. Your students will want to get involved in asking the questions, too! For example, when you ask your student the question, "where is the person wearing yellow shoes?" you are targeting WH questions, categories, and descriptive words all at once. I love an activity that can target multiple goals simultaneously!

Friends & Neighbors Game

Friends and Neighbors game from @peaceable_kingdom is the perfect game to target cause and effect or problem and solution. Your students will see real-life problems like spilled milk or feeling scared in the dark, and choose from possible solutions to fix the problem. Your older students may be able to add more than one possible solution, too! 

What's Going on Here?
Social Inferencing Cards

What's Going on Here? Conversion Cards from Eeboo are a quick and easy way to target social inferencing and engage students with social thinking and problem solving. Each card shows a social situation and has questions to use as prompts on the back. This resource naturally encourage students to look at details and draw conclusions.

Use this resource with a mixed group by having students describe the action using sentences. Target specific syntax structures by using sentence frames throughout the lesson. 

Topple Counters

Set these guys up like dominoes and then watch them fall! These are a great reinforcer to use when you're taking data for your students with articulation goals. They're also motivational for your students who are focusing on functional communication. Use a communication board to target core words like more, my turn, stop, go.

Mail Carrier Sequencing Set

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is "Mail Carrier Community Helper" These sequencing cards are a great way to introduce a new topic and get to know the students' level of background knowledge. I also love using these sequencing cards during assessments because they give you great information about how students formulate sentences, use vocabulary, and sequence a story. 

Problem-Solution Visual Support

This month's visual support for problem and solution is a great visual support for the Friends and Neighbors game and What's Going on Here? Social Inferencing cards! It's dry erase compatible and can be used over and over again. 


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