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July 2022: "Dinosaur Adventure" Dinosaur Theme

TPT Seller of the Month

Our "Dinosaur Adventure" TPT Seller of the Month is Kelly from @thumbbunnyspeech
Thumb Bunny Speech

Dinosaur Communication Board + Open Ended Scene


*Grab your own dinosaur themed communication board by clicking the image above!*

This month's theme, "Dinosaur Adventure" is a year-round hit with all ages! The picture scene is dry-erase compatible, making it a material you can use all day long, even on the go for those SLPs that travel between classrooms. The reusable stickers, also a part of this month's cube, are the perfect companion for this open-ended picture scene. The core/fringe communication board on the back of the scene adds a great visual of target vocabulary and building sentences to go along with your scene!

I particularly like to use these open-ended scenes with mixed groups because you can focus on vocabulary building in context, sentence formulation, asking/answering questions, problem solving, inferencing, articulation, and more! Picture scenes are also a great material to use during assessments to gather a language sample! 

Dinosaur Escape Game

Loving this game for a variety of ages on your caseload! The images used in the game are life-like, making it motivating for both your primary and upper elementary students. The unique concept behind Peaceable Kingdom's "Cooperative Games" is that it eliminates competition and winning/losing. In Dinosaur Escape, the students work together to collect the tokens before the volcano erupts. 

Dinosaur Reusable Stickers

If you have dino-loving kids at home, make sure they don't see these before you get them to your speech office! 400 stickers with different shapes, sizes, and colors, PLUS another open ended picture scene. This material is perfect for your mixed groups, cooperative storytelling, or following directions.

Going to the Pet Store Sequencing Set

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is focused on "Going to the Pet Store." While this might seem like a stretch to fit with this month's dinosaur theme, it's not! Pair this sequencing set with a book about pet dinosaurs and it makes complete sense! There's tons to choose from on YouTube for free, and my personal favorite is "How do Dinosaurs Choose their Pets?"  

I love to use these sequencing card sets as a warm up for my sessions. They "spark" (get it?) lots of conversation between you and your students! I also frequently use them during my assessments to gather informal narrative language data.

Verb Tenses Visual

This month's visual strip is one you will use all the time! It's dry erase compatible and can be used over and over again. Scan the QR code included in the package to download a digital version.  Grab a set for yourself by clicking the image above!

Dinosaur Wind Up Toy

This dinosaur wind up toy is such a great motivator for your younger, more reluctant, speech students! Use it in play or as a reward for participating. Such a fun toy! 

Dinosaur Water Wow

IYKYK, AMIRIGHT? If you have little kids at home, you KNOW the amazingness of Water Wow books! These are a true no-mess, magical activity for kids. They feel like they are painting, but it's just water. Using the water pen, reveal some hidden pictures and magically turn the black and white picture into a colorful masterpiece. This would be a great activity for your students working on basic language skills that need highly motivational materials with the ability for a lot of repetition. The pictures dry quickly and can be used multiple times during one session.  


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