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July 2023: "Food Frenzy" Food Theme

Our "Food Frenzy" Speech Cube" was filled with food and shopping themed speech therapy materials ~ curated for you by practicing speech pathologists to make planning your sessions easy!

SLP Seller of the Month

Our "Food Frenzy" SLP Seller of the Month is Erica @SpeechBop!
Erica created a mini fridge toy companion for our subscribers! Erica creates artic crafts, book companions, Boom decks, and more! Check out her shop on TPT!

Sorting Snacks Mini Fridge

This toy from Learning Resources will be such a hit with your students! Easily work on sorting by type of food, color, size, or other attribute. You can incorporate requesting, labeling, and tons of functional communication! Hide the objects in a sensory bin or a bag, and turn it into a surprise game!


Speech Squares from Sebring Speech

Are your students interested in any activity that includes a hidden object, or just mine? These are great to work on describing, labeling, and same/different. Easily turn it into a receptive guessing game by describing the items for your students and see who can guess first! 

Bilingual (English/Spanish) Food Themed Communication Board

A Grocery Store communication board, both in English and Spanish, is included in this month's Speech Cube. Check out the "Articulation Targets" in the insert in your Speech Cube to use this resource with your students working on various speech sounds.
I use these communication board and scenes so often during my assessments. They are great resources for a dynamic assessment and to spark their interest for a speech and language sample! 

Shopping Trip Sequencing Set
from The Spark Innovations

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is "Shopping Trip." Sequencing cards are a secret tool in my SLP kit! I use them all the time for warm ups, assessments, speech/language samples, and targeting narrative language skills. They make a quick and easy way to collect data on so many targets! The best part is that the pictures are appropriate for use with PreK through adult.

Inferencing Visual Support

A digital copy of the Inferencing Visual Support is included. This is a great one to take with you when plugging into classrooms to support your students!

Grab this visual and more (buy 4 get 1 free!) while supplies last.

All Speech Cubes now come with a PDF of language activities with each month's theme! 

Don't worry if you missed this one - our language activities are always available via digital file on our website.


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