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June 2023: "Thrills and Speech Skills" Fair & Carnival Theme

SLP Seller of the Month

Our "Thrills and Speech Skills" SLP Seller of the Month was Denise from Speech Language Pirates. 
Denise created a fair-themed resource exclusively for purchasers of this month's Speech Cube! Check out her awesome game, book, and toy companions on TPT, and follow @speechlanguagepirates on Instagram!

Ferris Wheel with Peppa Pig



Peppa Pig is always a hit with little ones! This toy is a perfect addition to target early language concepts like core words ON, UP, FAST, AGAIN, or TOP. It's bound to be a great conversation starter to find out if kids have ever been on a ferris wheel, what they thought about it, or what other rides they like (or many don't!) like to go on at the fair. Check out the "Ideas for Use" section on the insert in your Speech Cube for more ideas on how to use the ferris wheel in your sessions!


Balloon Launcher + Rocket Balloons

Early in my SLP career, I spent several summers teaching an early elementary language enrichment camp. Boy do I WISH I had these balloon rocket launders then! Kids love a fun STEM lesson during speech therapy and these are such a fun addition. When I do these types of activities, I like to focus on natural language and narrating what I'm doing and seeing using simple sentences. I also like to focus on a couple of core words to repeat several times -- for this activity, I would use UP, DOWN, FAST, SLOW frequently because they clearly describe what's happening with the balloons. For kids with more language, I would focus on critical thinking and answering questions -- what happened to the balloon? where did it go? 


Scented Popcorn Stickers

YUM! Scented stickers are always a winner! Simple use as a fun reinforcer, or use these as a tool to focus on describing different foods you might find at the fair. They are also great to have around for our students who are motivated by different scents.

Carnival Scene + Bilingual (English/Spanish) Themed Communication Board

A fair-themed picture scene and communication board, both in English and Spanish, is included in this month's Speech Cube. Check out the "Articulation Targets" in the insert in your Speech Cube to use this resource with your students working on various speech sounds.

Custodian Sequencing Set
from The Spark Innovations

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is "Custodian." Sequencing cards are a secret tool in my SLP kit! I use them all the time for warm ups, assessments, speech/language samples, and targeting narrative language skills. They make a quick and easy way to collect data on so many targets! The best part is that the pictures are appropriate for use with PreK through adult.

Commenting Visual Support

So many of our early language learners have a hard time expressing their opinions and making comments. This is a great one to share with your classroom teacher colleagues to build into our students' daily communication skills!  

PDF of Fair-Themed Activities


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