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March 2021 - “Springtime Syllables”

Enjoy our first guest-blog post by SLP Amy Curley - find her on facebook here!

Our TPT Seller of the Month of March is Grace from @grace.c.slp!

Find Grace on Teachers Pay Teachers and Instagram and check out her interactive and digital materials! This Month, Grace shared a BOOM Card™ activity targeting WH-questions at the playground just for our subscribers!

SLP Sticker

We may be biased (because tulips are our favorite flower!) but isn’t @thegigglySLP’s sticker this month the best?! We know the answer -- yes! Check out her Etsy Shop for more fun and creative stickers, shirts, and other SLP items! 

“Bug Dance” Book

Have you checked out MathStart books? We’re always looking for ways to incorporate academic content -- like math vocabulary! --  into our therapy lessons, and these books are the perfect addition (see what we did there?)! This fun book takes your students through Centipede’s difficult journey of following directions to learn a new dance in class. There’s a dance (with visuals!), and even music notes included, to make it an interactive activity during a whole-class lesson! This book is great for targeting goals like:

  🐛 Following directions
🐜 Directional vocabulary
 🐞 WH Questions
🦗 Comparing/Contrasting
🦋 Pragmatic language and social skills
And more!


Bag of Bugs

Melissa and Doug  toys and speech therapy just go together, right?! Well, this bag of bugs is your next therapy winner! We can see them in your sensory bins already. Bonus: many of the bugs are also found in Bug Dance! Target goals like describing (color, pattern, parts, texture, etc), comparing/contrasting, action words (jump, hop, fly, crawl) and more! Here are some fun ways to use the bugs:

- Sensory bin: hide the bugs under some sand or beans (“dirt”) and talk about each bug as you pull them out.

- Guessing game: One person holds the “target bug” while others ask questions to guess which bug they are holding OR one person gives clues about the bug to the group and the other’s guess which bug it is.

- Use the bugs as a marker for game boards or as a trials-counter!

- Play! In our play world, the bugs can talk, make noises, movements, go IN, OUT, UP, DOWN, etc. 

Flower Binder Clips

Your to-do list is sure to get completed when it’s clipped to your planner in a cute flower clip! Ok, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on our part, but paperwork is surely always more fun with color and design. Plus, flowers mean it’s spring…which means it’s almost summer!


Puffer Caterpillar Fidget

This cutie is the perfect addition when you’re reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, don’t you think? It’s bright colors, squishy texture, and squeezable/pullable body makes it a great sensory bag item!

Sequencing Cards

This month our Spark Innovations sequencing cards set comes right on time, as many of our students will see flowers being planted in their neighborhood, at school, or around town. This set focuses on a family that is planting flowers together in their backyard. There’s so much to talk about: the many places they go, tools they use, and problems they encounter. Many children have experience with helping their family or friends work outside, or even work in the house. Talk about their experiences and how it relates to this family planting flowers together!

Spring Scarf

Hello, gorgeous! In our opinion, this scarf is the perfect accessory to add to your favorite spring outfit!

Multisyllabic Bugs + Mini Erasers

Bugs are a perfect theme for multisyllabic word practice! We’ve included this fun, colorful, grab-n-go activity with 12 multisyllabic bug names, plus pacing dots under each one! Use the mini-eraser bugs to cover the dots or squares as you go!

Pacing Board Visual

This month, our waterproof visual is two colorful pacing boards. Pacing boards are an effective visual strategy for targeting multisyllabic words, expanding sentences, monitoring rate of speech or speech fluency, targeting initial, medial, or final sounds in words. Pacing boards are also a great strategy to increase independent use of strategies for our students!



Spring has arrived! We want to know how you’re using all your new Springtime Syllables Speech Cube items! Tag us on social @speechcube on Instagram & Facebook

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