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March 2023: "Movin' and Groovin'" Movement Theme

Missed this one? Grab our Movement-Themed Language Activities here!

SLP Seller of the Month

Our "Movin' and Groovin'" SLP Seller of the Month was Michelle Andrews from Pep Talk Podcast for SLPs

Michelle offered purchasers of this month's Speech Cube a FREE CEU course! Michelle offers courses on a variety of SLP-related topics including AAC, stuttering, apraxia, and more! Check her out on Instagram @peptalkpodcastforslps

Feed the Woozle Game


 This game is a bonafide crowd pleaser! There will be endless laughs and so much language!! This game actually hardly made it out of my own house because my preschooler LOVES it so much. The Woozle is a cute and funny monster that likes to eat gross things like "hairy pickles" and "chocolate covered flies" -- can you hear the laughter yet? Another great component of this game is the built in activity. Each time you spin the spinner it tells you a different action to do like hopping or spinning.  There's so much opportunity for language with this game; but truly the most functional is working on commenting. Would you eat that? What would that taste like? Would you let your sister eat that? What would you say if mom gave you that for dinner? HAVE FUN! 

Pug Popper

The Pug Popper is a super cute resource to use for your early language learners, or those that enjoy a lot of repetition with a single item. I use this toy to focus on core words like IN, OUT, FAR. Increase the strategy and challenge by adding targets, like a shape taped to the floor or a basket, and see if you and your students can make it into the targets!   

Movement Picture Scene + Communication Board


Lots of movin' and groovin' happens on the playground! I love this theme because of the built in background knowledge. Using this picture scene, you can work on sentences with action words, vocabulary, or talk about their own preference and experiences.   

Ice Skating Sequencing Set
from The Spark Innovations

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is "Ice Skating" Sequencing cards are a secret tool in my SLP kit! I use them all the time for warm ups, assessments, speech/language samples, and targeting narrative language skills. They make a quick and easy way to collect data on so many targets! The best part is that the pictures are appropriate for use with PreK through adult.

Present Progressive Visual Support

This visual support pairs perfectly with all of this month's resources AND many of the resources you already have! I like to have this out during the Feed the Woozle game and work on building sentences to talk about what the monster is eating. It also pairs great with the picture scene to talk about the various actions each child is doing.


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