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November 2021: "Campfire Tales"

This cube is currently available in our shop - click the image above to grab your own!

TPT Seller of the Month

Our November TPT Seller of the Month is Kristin @KI.SPEECHTHERAPY! Those who purchased the Campfire Tales Cube during October 2021 received this amazing narrative language-focused Boom Deck from Kristin!

"Animal Village" Story Cards

I love a good story-telling product! The "Animal Village" story cards from @eebooalwaysgood are a great addition to your therapy toolbox. The cards contain lots of different animals and locations with simple actions that will allow your students to tell stories without becoming overwhelmed by too much detail. I love group story telling - each student picks a new card and adds their own sentence or two, creating a very silly, mixed up story. It's a great way to work cooperatively, too!

Happy Campers Reusable Stickers

Create camping scenes for both day and night with the Happy Campers Reusable Stickers. Here are some simple ways to use this grab-n-go activity in your next therapy session:

-Compare and contrast camping activities that you would do in the daytime or nighttime.
-Practice prepositions.
-Tell a story.
-Label vocabulary.
-Practice formulating sentences to go with the pictures.
-Answer or ask WH questions.

Fall Putty Scents


Yummy! Fall smells make me think of fires, hot tea, apple cider doughnuts - ha! This Putty Scents by @mindware is a great addition to your sensory bin! Give the kids a smell and see what comes to their mind. I bet you'll get lots of great stories!

Firefly  Flashlight

Kids. Love. Flashlights. They will look for any old thing and it will be exciting with a flashlight! In grad school, did you hang articulation cards on the wall and have the kiddos find them with a flashlight? If there weren't so much to trip on in my classroom, I would consider it now!

Story Grammar Checklist

Two checklists in one! One side has visuals for key elements of a summary including characters, events, problem, and solution. The other side has an easy-to-remember "Somebody Wanted But So Then" organizer for a summary. Perfect companion for your sequencing cards, Happy Campers Reusable Stickers story, or "Animal Village" Story Cards. Grab some for yourself in our shop!

Moon Shaped Paper Clips

My 2 year old son is obsessed with the moon right now. He has to find it outside of our window every single night before bed. He told me, "moon is a a-nana [banana], mommy!" and of course I thought - great comparing, buddy! SLP always on my mind - can you relate? But really, even our office supplies make great conversation starters for our little ones! 

Sequencing Cards

Each month with a new set of sequencing cards, we get another opportunity to engage our students about their personal experiences with a new topic. Besides just putting the pictures in order, these cards are a great tool to start conversations. What personal experiences will your students share to relate to this story? It's fun to find out each month!



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