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September 2021: "SeptembARRR"

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TPT Seller of the Month

Our September TPT Seller of the Month is Claire & Rachael @letstacoboutspeechpodcast! Find the Let's Taco Bout Speech podcast on any podcast platform! Claire and Rachael do an amazing job talking all things SLP - follow them on Instagram to stay posted on upcoming episodes!

SLP Badge Reel

Don't forget to also check out our featured SLP-owned shop @coffeedogspeech. Find her here on Etsy! Don’t miss your discount code on the back of the badge reel inside this month’s Cube!


We love cooperative games here at Speech Cube! This game is a great way to introduce and reinforce pirate-themed vocabulary! Plus, cooperative games allow for strategy and collaborative discussions!

Treasure Chest + Treasure

Add this to your collection of mini objects! The coins and jewels are perfect markers for game boards, Bingo, articulation sheets, marking turns within your group, or as a general reinforcer during your lesson. Treasure chests work far beyond a pirate-theme, right? Use it all year to hold your trinkets!

If you’re looking for a way to incorporate the treasure chest and treasure into your actual therapy, consider using it to:

-  Hide target articulation or vocabulary cards
- Pair with AAC and use core words “open,” “close,” “more,” “in,” “out”
- Target following directions “put in” and “take out” 
- Make a barrier activity out of it -- hide an object inside and have students ask specific questions or you provide the descriptors and the student's guess.

    disABILITY Notepad

    If you like this notepad, check out other merch from @letstacoboutspeechpodcast. 

       Sequencing Cards

    This month our Spark Innovations sequencing cards set take a little stretch to fit the theme - but I can see it! Pirates... tanks. There’s almost always a wrecked pirate ship in everyone’s at-home fish tanks, right? 

    “Building a Fish Tank'' provides a great opportunity for sharing opinions, problem solving, and using relevant vocabulary. This month’s set comes with WH-question prompts.

    These sequencing card sets have been my go-to to gather baseline data on almost all my student’s goals this year! You will quickly see where students breakdown when trying to tell a story. I plan to also use the sequencing sets in my assessments this year to gather informal data on narrative language, problem solving, main idea/detail, vocabulary, sentence structure, articulation, and much more. How are you using them?

    Game Playing Visual

    I love the visual this month -- especially the “what can I say?” cues! You can use this visual from PreK through high school as a reference for your entire caseload.

    Pirate Animal Stickers

    Kids love stickers. These will be a hit! 



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