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September 2020 - “Back to School”

Our first EVER Speech Cube!! 

In our first cube, we wanted to include a variety of products that SLPs could utilize throughout the year! 


photo credit: Jacqui Breach Photography

Check out these awesome products!!

1. Bloom Soft Planner - I personally know how HARD it is to find the "perfect" planner! SLPs have very different responsibilities than teachers so those "teacher-perfect" planners just never seemed to fit. I love how each week has a "weekly to-do" section - perfect for including your MUST DOs for the week!

Have you checked out Bloom's website yet? How AMAZING are their products?! When I found them, I knew they would be a perfect fit for SLPs. And I wanted to buy every. single. thing. Not only are their products beautiful, they are functional!


2. Spark! Sequencing CardsGoing to the Library - I know many of us are not starting our school year or fall in the clinic in the traditional way. This COVID-19 situation is really, really hard! I can't wait until you can see your students/clients in person to use these sequencing cards - they are simply amazing. Every cube will contain a different sequencing scene. At the beginning of the school year (I am a school-based SLP!), I use these cards to gather baseline data.

These cards have SO MANY well-thought-out picture scenes. Gather data related to narrative language, sequencing before/after, following directions, answering wh-questions, problem solving, inferential thinking...the list goes on. The thing I love MOST about these cards is the attention to detail. Not only can you work on inferencing skills with your older students, you can also expect them to explain their reasoning using key details in the pictures. Oh, and did I mention you can write on them with dry erase marker?! Simply the best. (check out more of their products at their website here).


3. SLPs Can Work Virtually Anywhere! Sticker - Get it?! VIRTUALLY??! Hehe - We are so thankful we found the amazing Etsy shop by @thegigglySLP. Her stickers are BEAUTIFUL and let's face it...we all need a pick-me-up right now! Check out her Etsy shop here! 


4. Melissa & Doug - Dinosaur Puffy Stickers - Dinosaurs are a hit with my clients/students 90% of the time! You all know how versatile stickers are...following directions, prepositions, action words...the number of targets you can address using stickers is endless. My FAVORITE way to use dinosaurs is to practice those multi-syllabic words! Enjoy helping your student/client say these longggg dino names - and you will probably learn something yourself! Check out more puffy stickers here.


5. Playfoam - Dinosaurs - Speaking of dinosaurs, how cute are these playfoam shapes?! Playfoam never dries out so you can use it again and again. I love using sensory items like these to talk about texture and action words

6. U-Brands Cat Paper Clips - I mean...its not a NEED but how cute are they?!

7. Hair Ties - Now this one IS a need! I'm always losing my hair ties and need to put my hair up with at least one student each day!

8. What is an SLP? - I love giving this handout out to my colleagues every year. So many teachers/staff do NOT know the knowledge we hold in our different areas of expertise. Similarly, I share this handout with parents with children just starting speech services! I really want them to KNOW what speech is and know what we SLPs do.  

9. Behavior visuals - sure, if you are a veteran SLP, you have these already. BUT, are they printed on the best paper ever?! Can you sanitize them!? We were so excited to find this paper because we know it will hold up with our varying caseloads. I remember one of my first sessions EVER as an SLP, one of my students took my beautiful, laminated visual...and licked it. And then somehow crumbled it up. Now, I don't have to worry about making sure my visuals are long-lasting and CLEAN! (PCS and Boardmaker are trademarks of Tobii Dynavox LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)

Do you have another favorite way of using these products in therapy?! Please share below!


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