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April 2021 - "Pets Party"


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Our April TPT Seller of the Month is Natalie from @daily.cup.of.speech!

Find Natalie on Teachers Pay Teachers and Instagram and check out her interactive and digital materials!

This Month, Natalie shared a BOOM Card™ activity targeting categories - with a pets theme of course! (This deck is also available for purchase HERE)

Let's see what else was inside...!!

Pets Sound Puzzle 

Puzzles are so versatile in speech therapy! You’ll love the addition of this multi-sensory animal themed puzzle for your collection. Pair this @melissaanddougtoys puzzle with an engaging and repetitive book like Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell for a pet themed lesson! One great feature of this puzzle is the easy on/off switch -- no need to keep your tools handy for this toy. Some fun ways to incorporate this puzzle into your speech therapy include: 

  • Vocabulary building
    • Use core vocabulary like “say” and “go” to talk about animal sounds and actions.
    • Introduce animal-themed vocabulary at the start of your animal unit.
    • Use descriptive words to tell about the animals (“it’s brown!” “It’s big!” “it’s furry!”) -- make this a receptive task by turning it into a guessing game (“I’m thinking of an animal that is big and brown. What is it?”). 
  • Developing speech sounds
    • Using animal sounds are a great building block to developing speech sounds for early communicators and students with speech sound disorders, phonological disorders, and CAS. 

Pet Mini Objects

Students love to be able to touch our therapy materials and these little pet mini objects from @safariltd are perfect for that tactile experience! What’s even better is these animals are realistic looking, making them a versatile resource across your caseload. Here are some creative ways to use mini pet objects in therapy:

  • Play time! Add the animals to change up center time while using the toy house or building blocks.
  • Socialize! Most kids love talking about animals! They can share opinions, ask for others opinions, and share personal stories. This is a great chance to use the “Do you like…” dry erase visual included in this month’s Cube!
  • Tell stories! Use the animals with a picture scene, add in other target words (verbs, prepositions, etc) to collectively make a story during a small group.

Mini Matching Game

How cute are these cat or dog memory match games from @mudpuppykids?! The cats and dogs have lots of similarities and differences -- perfect for targeting more complex language and finding details. An added bonus: because they’re realistic looking pictures, you can use them with older kids as well! Here are some ideas:

  • Keep it simple: target descriptive words like colors and patterns (“which dog is brown?”), or quantitative words like “all” (“find all the cats wearing glasses?”)
  • Make it complex: target negation (“which dog is not wearing a hat?”), or similarities and differences (“these cats both have glasses.”)


Sequencing Cards

This month our Spark Innovations sequencing cards set is about “going to the vet.” This set focuses on a family that has to take their pet to the vet’s office for an emergency. There’s so much to talk about: the many places they go, their feelings, and problems they encounter. While many children have personal experience with pets, many do not. This is a great opportunity to learn from each other while sharing their personal experiences and opinions!

Jotter Pens

We love these super cute encouragement pens from @talkingoutofturn! My personal go-to this month is the pink “Creative Genius” because I need ALL the creative vibes to get me to summer break - I know you feel me!

Satin Silk Scrunchies

Ok, I’ll admit that I’ve resisted the reboot of the scrunchie trend for a little while now, but these @mykitsch satin silk scrunchies are my absolute favorite accessory of the year! They are sleep, workout, and chase-after-toddler tested and approved! Seriously, workout in a scrunchie?! YES.

SLP Sticker

What would you do without your SLP besties to empower and encourage you through challenging years like this? This month’s “Empowered SLPs Empower SLPs” sticker from  @thegigglySLP hits differently this year! Check out her Etsy Shop for more fun and creative stickers, shirts, and other SLP items! P.S. Where are you putting all of your awesome SLP stickers? Personally, they’re filling up my water bottle! We’d love to see yours.

We want to know how you’re using all your new Pets Party Speech Cube items! Tag us on social @speechcube on Instagram & Facebook

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