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December 2020 - "Frozen Friends"

"Frozen Friends" Cube ☃️

In our December 2020 cube, we combined winter-themed materials with spatial concept practice!  

photo credit: Jacqui Breach Photography

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"Sneezy the Snowman" book

This may very well be my absolute FAVORITE book to use in therapy! ☃️  I look forward to winter time just so I can use this book with my mixed groups. Psst....Click the link below to find out my favorite goals to target using this book!

 *FREEBIE: Sneezy the Snowman - therapy targets!*


Ordering Ice Cream Sequencing Cards

We have raved about Spark! Innovations Sequencing Cards every month! These cards tie in perfectly with the Sneezy the Snowman book, since Sneezy buys ice cream at the end of the story! Not only are these sequencing cards great for asking wh-questions, they are also great for discussing social skills in community places.

Let it Melt Snowman 


Maybe I just love snowmen ☃️ & winter themes but...this is ALSO one of my FAVORITE therapy materials! Use this snowman to target:

  1. Making predictions / introducing cause-effect - can my students predict what will happen to the snowman by the end of our session? 
  2. Describing - What parts does a snowman have? When do you build one? What materials do you need? 
  3. Sequencing - HOW do you build a snowman? What do you do first, second, third? I ask my students to tell me step-by-step how to make the snowman then give them a turn with a peer.
  4. Plurals, Pronouns, Prepositions (Oh my!) - Honestly, SLPs can use ANYTHING to target ANY goal with a little bit of practice. Interactive, hands-on materials just make it that much easier to keep little ones engaged! 

Winter Scenes + Arctic Animal Mini Erasers

Mini erasers are so fun! 😍 I love the opportunity to use them for object-to-object preposition practice. Some of my students just aren't ready to jump to picture tasks - they need more practice with physical objects first. These winter scenes make it easy to incorporate multiple goals within an activity: labeling prepositionsfollowing directions, giving directions, all while incorporating winter vocabulary

PLUS ... they all come in mesh zip bags which are a great addition to your organization system! 

Preposition Visuals

A nice little waterproof preposition visual to go along with your winter scenes and erasers! We kept the images on one sheet so you can decide how you want to use them. I personally like to cut them out individually to provide a field of choices for my students to support either receptive or expressive language tasks. Use these cards for: matching preposition words to pictures, answering "where" questions, or describing location using prepositions. (PCS and Boardmaker are trademarks of Tobii Dynavox LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)

Sherpa-Lined Hat

Keep your head warm & stay cute!


Knock Knock Sticky Notes

These "Knock Knock" sticky notes make me smile.


Check out our "Nutty Questions" cube here! 

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