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November 2020 - "Nutty Questions"

"Nutty Questions" Cube! 🌰

In our November 2020 cube, we found some fun acorn-themed activities and wh-question visuals to use in therapy! 

photo credit: Jacqui Breach Photography

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TPT Seller of the Month

This month, Melissa Berg from Speech Therapy Store provided a digital wh-question visual for our subscribers! Check out her store here!

The Spark! Innovations Sequencing Cards 

🦃 Each monthly cube contains a different sequencing scene from Spark! Innovations. This month featured the "Setting the Table" Sequencing Set - perfect for your Thanksgiving themes this November! 🦃  I've mentioned before how each sequencing set also comes with a set of wh-questions for each card. I don't know about you, but sometimes my brain just CAN'T think of questions on-the-spot. This sequencing set also comes with some great problem solving questions - great for our students working on higher level thinking! Oh, and did I mention you can write on them with dry erase marker?! Simply the best. (Check out more The Spark! Innovations products at their website here).

"I Mustache-You A Question" Sticker

Hehe - get it?! What a cute sticker to put in your office or to label your wh-question resources! We are so thankful we found the amazing @thegigglySLP. Her stickers are BEAUTIFUL (and recently upgraded!!) and let's face it...we all need a pick-me-up right now! 😺 

Check out her Etsy shop here! 


Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Card Game 

🌰 Do you have the traditional Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel game from Educational Insights? It is one of my FAVORITES for my younger groups. BUT, the box is huge so it is not very "travel-friendly". Welllll....introducing the CARD GAME! This game fits easily in your work bag (or rolling cart!) to use with all of your students. 🌰 As SLPs we know...playing games is NOT just "playing games" in therapy. We can use games to teach turn-taking and problem-solving, while also working on our speech goals (s-blends anyone??)! 😊

Bloom File Folders 

🌸 Have you noticed yet how much we love products from Bloom Daily Planners?? Of course we love their products because they are beautiful but they are also so functional AND well-made. Enjoy these fun file folders to help make your day a little more organized!! 🌸

Chunkies Paint Sticks

✨ Did you see our video on instagram? These paint sticks are SO MUCH FUN. Quick-drying, colorful, & sparkly. ✨ 


WH-Question Visual

Everyone needs a good WH-Question visual support! Why not have one on waterproof paper THAT CAN BE SANITIZED?! Sure, lamination can be cleaned off too - but that glare?! We love this paper we found and aim to print visuals you will use every single day(PCS and Boardmaker are trademarks of Tobii Dynavox LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)  

Arm Warmers

👐 Last but not least, we ALWAYS include a PERSONAL item - because we know you aren't just an SLP!! You are a human who happens to also be a Speech-Language Pathologist 💞. When we created the idea for Speech Cube we knew we wanted more than just a "materials/therapy-based" box. We wanted to include items to make SLPs smile AND feel productive. 👐 This month, we found these cute arm warmers. How many SLPs out there have COLD OFFICES in the winter? ✋ I know I have spent many days typing with my gloves on...these arm warmers make it easier to stay productive even when I'm freezing. 🥶 



Fall Pictures with WH- Question Probes / Data Sheet 

🍁 In every Speech Cube, we include a therapy-based material that you can use. We try to create materials that are versatile and can be used to target many different skills. This month, we used beautiful fall-themed images from Canva to create task cards for targeting asking/answering wh-questions about FALL! 🍂 Another plus? Use the visuals at the bottom of the picture to help with sentence expression and formulation. Note the cute acorn mini erasers too! 🍁

BONUS: Our subscribers always get a digital version (this one comes with a data sheet for progress monitoring!) to use during teletherapy. 🤗



Check out our "Fall and Feelings" cube here!



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