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October 2020 - “Fall & Feelings”

Fall & Feelings Cube!

In our October 2020 cube, we included therapy materials related to emotions for SLP-YOU & some fun, fall-themed accessories for YOU-YOU!

photo credit: Jacqui Breach Photography

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The Spark! Innovations Sequencing Cards

Each monthly cube contains a different sequencing scene from Spark! Innovations. What I love about this particular set are the tiny details in each picture! What a great way to work on inferencing skills! What are the boys' names? (look at the trophies!).

Each sequencing set also comes with a set of wh-questions and a narrative story to read. SO many ways to utilize these cards in therapy throughout the yearOh, and did I mention you can write on them with dry erase marker?! Simply the best.
(Check out more The Spark! Innovations products at their website here).

"Fall in Love with Speech" Sticker

I feel like we all fell in love with speech at some point - that's why we became SLPs! Don't let the stress of 2020 cause you to forget why YOU became the wonderful SLP that you are!

We are so thankful we found the amazing @thegigglySLP. Her stickers are BEAUTIFUL and let's face it...we all need a pick-me-up right now! Check out her Etsy shop here! 

Melissa & Doug - Make a Face Reusable Stickers

I love using stickers with my younger students! The great thing about these stickers is you can use them again and again. Obviously, you can use these stickers as a reinforcer during your animal-, body parts-, or farm- themed units.

But, I personally LOVE using stickers for listening and receptive tasks! You can easily target multiple receptive goals:

* Following multi-step directions: Put some eyes on the pig then put a mouth on the cow

* Listening for attributes: Put yellow eyes on the sheep. 

ActionsBuild a face for the animal that can gallop

* Answering wh-questions: WHY does the horse need ears?

Bloom Planners - Meeting Notes

Whether you are a school-based SLP or in a private clinic, I KNOW you have meetings you have to attend!! These two-sided Bloom Planners Meeting Notepads are so helpful for taking notes. I know some SLPs like to take notes on their laptops, but for some reason, I remember the details better when I write them down with pen and paper.

U-Brands Fleuri Pens

If we are going to give you a notepad, we HAVE to give you fun, new pens to go with it!! Plus, we are loving these fall colors.

Emotions Visuals + Feelings Wheel


 (PCS and Boardmaker are trademarks of Tobii Dynavox LLC. All rights reserved. Used with permission.)

Many of my students are working on identifying feelings by looking at facial expressions/non-verbal cues. But, how else can you use these cards besides the obvious? Here are some ideas!

  • Working on inferring feelings? Read a sentence or paragraph-length story and have your students infer how the character felt. Provide a field of choices using the visual cards!
  • Working on synonyms/antonyms? Have your students pick/spin an emotion and work together to make a list of synonyms/antonyms. Shades of meaning are also great to discuss nuances between emotion words.
  • Working on "wh" questions? Have students pick or spin an emotion. Ask, "WHEN did you feel sad/happy/proud?" "WHAT do you do when you feel ____?"

Emoji Beach Ball

What a fun way to engage students in peer-to-peer interactions! I use beach balls in my whole group settings to encourage students to ask/answer questions with peers (obviously when we are in-person!). You can have students roll the ball to a friend and ask a question about feelings ("When do you feel sad/scared/angry?"). Or, if you are working on conversational turn-taking, have students stand facing each other, and practice asking/answering/commenting only when holding the beach ball! The tactile support helps a lot of my little friends who need help listening to their peers before responding. Think of it as a fun "talking stick"

Fall Infinity Scarf

And last but not least...a fall scarf!! I am a firm believer that you cannot have too many scarves. Hopefully you find this scarf as comfy as I do!

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