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February 2021 - "Slow Down"

This month's box is filled with sloth-themed therapy materials with a focus on slowing down!

TPT Seller of the Month

Our TPT Seller of the month of February is Victoria at Stuttering Therapy NJ!

Find her on Teachers Pay Teachers or on Instagram & check out her wonderful fluency resources!

This month, Victoria shared a speech mechanism digital resource with our subscribers!


Sloth in a Hurry Game

Have you checked out Eeboo yet? They have the coolest unique games to use in your therapy sessions. Their Sloth in a Hurry game was the perfect addition to our sloth-theme BUT is also the perfect addition to your therapy game collection! Use it with your students working on:

            • Wh-questions
            • Adjectives
            • Adverbs
            • Identifying & labeling actions
            • Sentence formation
            • Inferencing
            • AND MORE!

    Bendable Sloth

    So, we will be honest, this sloth isn't as bendable as we would have liked! But, there are so many ways to use this little guy!

    1. Use him with the game above, and have him act out the different scenarios. 
    2. Hide him around the room and have students find him when they enter - an unstructured opportunity for preposition practice!
    3. Put your visual supports in his arms to encourage students to use them!
    4. SL blends anyone? Make the sloth do different actions and work on /sl/ articulation at the word/phrase/sentence level


    SLP Headband


    A shout out to Christine @thespeechchicks for the cutest SLP headband! Check out her Etsy shop here

    SLP Sticker

    As always, we have included a beautiful SLP-inspired sticker by our favorite SLP-sticker-creator, @thegigglySLP! She is so creative & makes beautiful stickers - check out her Etsy shop ASAP for stickers, shirts, and other fun SLP items!

    Sequencing Cards

    We had to get creative this month with our choice of sequencing cards from Spark Innovations Sequencing Cards! They don't quite have any sloth-themed sequencing cards, but we thought, February is the start to the CRAZINESS that is Spring IEP season. So, that's kind of like preparing for a storm/hurricane...right?!

    This set focuses on a family preparing for a hurricane. I know some of my students have a unit on natural disasters in science - what a great way to incorporate the curriculum in our therapy sessions! Talk about why the family needs certain items or how they will protect their house from the storm. Brainstormhave you ever been in a hurricane or bad storm? What did you do? How did you feel? - A great opportunity for individual narrative production of their own experiences!


    Rate of Speech Visual

    This month, our waterproof visual is a rate of speech visual support (get it? slow down...) Do you have students who speak too quickly in conversation but are able to maintain an appropriate rate of speech in structured tasks? Record them on an audio recorder and have them self-monitor their speech rate using this visual. Pause the recording after each sentence, have the student put a mini eraser or another kind of small marker on the visual. At the end of the recording, you have some visual data to talk about!


    To Do Post-It Notes

    I like to use these post-its on my evals or IEPs - helps me keep track of what I need to get done for each student.


    Webcam Blocker

    Since many of us are going virtual these days, I'm sure you've all heard horror stories of people hacking the systems. Keep your private life safe by putting one of these webcam blockers on your computer - a safe/easy way to turn your camera on/off. Just don't forget to turn it back on for therapy :).

    Check out our Penguin Pals cube here!

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