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January 2021 - “Penguin Pals”

January "Penguin Pals" Cube

This month's box is filled with penguin-themed therapy materials with a focus on describing!

photo credit: Jacqui Breach Photography

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TPT Seller of the Month

Our TPT Seller of the month is Victoria at Stuttering Therapy NJ!

Find her on Teachers Pay Teachers or on Instagram & check out her wonderful fluency resources!

This month, Victoria shared a fluency strategies digital resource with our subscribers!


Penguin Pairs Game

This fun game from Orchard Toys is such a fun addition to any penguin-themed therapy session. Some penguins are dressed like different characters (a pirate, a superhero, a clown) - perfect for targeting "who" questions. Other penguins are holding different objects (a purse, a soccer ball, a spoon) - perfect for targeting "what" questions. Take it one step further and make inferences about what the penguins might be doing, where they might be going, or why they are wearing certain items. 


Penguin Ball Popper

If you haven't used one of these ball poppers in therapy yet, you are missing out!!! Obviously, they are a great tool for eliciting requests, working on turn-taking, or encouraging use of core words (GO, STOP, ME, UP, DOWN, etc etc). BUT they are also a fun reinforcer with any kinds of therapy cards! Here is a fun game I play with my older students who get bored with artic drills (and are slightly competitive). 

1. Use any laminated cards as you would during your session.
2. After the student has completed using a card, write a number on the back and set it up on a plastic stand used for board game pieces. 
3. Once a specific number of cards are completed, use the ball popper to knock down the cards. 
4. See who gets the most points by the end of the session!


Mini Penguins

I'm sure you have seen these objects from Safari Ltd. in Michaels or other stores that us SLPs frequent often! They are my FAVORITE mini objects for sensory bins, story retelling, & to put into Ned's Head ;). This month, we included 10 mini penguins in our cube - all slightly different - to encourage targeting similarities/differences. 


SLP Sticker

As always, we have included a beautiful SLP-inspired sticker by our favorite SLP-sticker-creator, @thegigglySLP! She is so creative & makes beautiful stickers - check out her Etsy shop ASAP for stickers, shirts, and other fun SLP items!

Sequencing Cards

Another month, another set of Spark Innovations! Sequencing Cards! This month we included the "Setting Up a Campfire" set. I use these cards to target "before/after" concepts. These are tough concepts to teach our students with language impairments. Using sequencing cards are a great way to introduce before/after and use inferencing skills to determine which card would come first in a story.


Describing Bookmarks

This month, our waterproof visual included a checklist for describing, with both visuals and carrier phrases. The bookmarks are easy to grab during sessions when a student needs some visual prompts for describing or comparing/contrasting. 


Pixie Pen Pouch

I mean, who doesn't need a cute pen pouch like this?! Check out Talking Out of Turn for more cute stationary items!


Dry Erase Weekly Planner

Pop this magnetic planner on your whiteboard for an easy way to get organized for the week! Another idea? Write down your "must-do" for each day to keep yourself focused on your priorities for the week (out of the 1,039,329 things we have to get done). 

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