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January 2022: Winter Wonderland

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TPT Seller of the Month

Our "Winter Wonderland" TPT Seller of the Month is Kallie from @kknighttherapy
Kallie made a super functional social inferencing boom deck with a winter theme! Grab yours if you missed it by clicking the picture below!

"Wendy's Winter Walk" book

Written by Cass Kim, M.A. CCC-SLP and specifically designed to target bilabial sounds! This is one book in a series that was created specifically to target speech sounds. The text in the book even describes how to make the sounds - genius! Your students will be motivated to follow along with this cute winter-themed selection.  This book is also an awesome resource to share with parents when they ask how they can support their child's speech skills at home. What better way than a book?

Snowman Emotions Activity 

Your students will love giving this snowman different faces! This fully prepped resource is great as a stand alone activity to target identifying emotions for your students with pragmatic goals; but it also pairs perfectly as a companion to a book! Give it a try after you read "Wendy's Winter Walk" with your students by going back through the pictures and making a face on the snowman to match the characters emotions! As a bonus, talk about WHY the characters are feeling those emotions.

Snowman Popper Toy


This toy is SNOW-much fun! Hehe. It will turn into the ultimate reinforcer in your speech room this winter. There is so much to talk about when using this toy, especially for your AAC users! Some ideas for using this toy with AAC:

- Core Words: "more" "go" "in" "out" "up" "down"
- Requesting and turn taking: "my turn" "wait" "more" "again" "I want..."

The snowman makes the best "POP!" sound which you and your students will say on repeat, so it's also a great reinforcer for your students targeting /p/, CVC, or single syllable words.

Fake Snow

There's been a ton of snow for us on the East Coast this winter... but.... where is it??? Everywhere except where we are, I guess! It has been extremely cold though, which makes a snow sensory bin the perfect activity! Just add some water and watch it expand -- your students will be mesmerized!

I love the idea of using this for a larger group lesson. Your students can help you by adding little bits of water and shaking the powder into the bin or bowl. You can talk about the materials needed, the sequence, cause and effect, and more! Then continue using it for small groups by hiding mini objects, pictures, or toys. 

Sequencing Cards

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is focused on "Building an Igloo." I love to use these sequencing card sets as a warm up for my sessions. They "spark" (get it?) lots of conversation between students and you!

If you live in a cold area, your students likely have lots of experience building and playing in the snow - build on that background knowledge! If you (are lucky enough to) live in a warm weather area, have your students imagine what it must be like to see snow. What would they do? It's a great way to build their imagination and language around experiences they've never had.

Snowflake Stampers

These are super cute to add to your crafty-lessons! In real life, every snowflake is unique. Have your students design their own snowflake picture and talk about the differences and similarities of each one!    

Ask & Answer Visuals


- Two dry-erase compatible "Ask and Answer" (What is your favorite?) bookmarks


The warmest headband to help you through these cold winter days!



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