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March 2022: "On the Move" Transportation Theme

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TPT Seller of the Month

Our "On the Move" TPT Seller of the Month is Emily Cohen from @tandemspeech
Included in this month's Speech Cube is the Playing With Purpose TM e-book and companion developed and written by Emily Cohen! Check out Emily's website for other play-based therapy ideas, too! 

Mini Vehicles
+ Mini Town & Parking Lot


This dry-erase mini vehicle + town scene is a perfect on-the-go play-based therapy activity! There are truly a million ways to use this activity all day long with all of your groups. It's a great activity to use with a student who is shy to warm up but loves toys. In this case, maybe you choose to keep it spontaneous by offering a model of: labeling nouns and verbs ("I see the yellow hotel"), expressing sentences ("I'm hungry. Let's go to the pizza restaurant"), asking questions ("where should we go next?"), and solving problems ("Uh oh! The bus went to the grocery store. Where does a bus go?"). For those receptive language goals, like following directions, you can give the student simple or complex commands to follow. I also like to increase their active listening and attention by not following the direction accurately and seeing if they catch it! For older students who are more likely to engage in board game-style activities, you could add "clue cards" to this and practice inferencing or vocabulary/figurative language in context. For example, "Jared is starving! He could eat a horse. Where should he go?"
Another thing that makes this activity mat a great grab-and-go material -- flip it over and it's a parking lot! Each parking spot has its own color and you can add target words, pictures, etc. to increase engagement AND the amount of trials you get in a session. The parking lot mat is also a great way to "wrap up" the end of playing with cars and signal an end of the session. 
The best part is that it's all dry-erase compatible! This makes it even more customizable to all your groups. 

Vehicle Puzzle
+ travel bag 

I like to use puzzles two ways in therapy. One is the most obvious way: put the pieces together and make the picture. While you're putting together the puzzle, model the language of problem solving ("Uh oh! That doesn't fit. Hmmm.. I need to find two pieces that are blue to match.") Another way to use the puzzle, which would be great for little ones that aren't quite ready for jigsaw puzzles, is to start with it all together and take each piece out one at a time. On the back of, or under, each piece you can put a target word or concept to practice.

Road Tape

This road tape is the perfect addition for your on-the-go travel play! Use other play materials (think: houses, city, buildings, farm, etc) that you might already have and use the road tape to build a road on the table or floor. If you don't have any toy pieces, you can quickly print clip art, laminate (if you want), and use a binder clip to help it stand up!

Playing with Purpose E-book + Ultimate Playing with Purpose Companion

What an incredible resource for SLPs who service birth through preschool and engaging in parent coaching! These guides for families and SLPs who work with them is written by Emily Cohen, MA, CCC-SLP, founder of Tandem Speech Therapy. In Emily's words, "...this is a kind of field manual for parents, and for those who work with them, to get you up and running with practical tools." The e-book includes the basics of the Hanen approach to play, playing with everyday items, and incorporating play into daily activities and routines. The Ultimate Playing with Purpose Companion includes a session planner for the SLP, a home plan sheet to guide families, and a list of common first words to help guide vocabulary targets. This is a must have in every EI SLP's toolkit! Thank you to Emily for sharing this resource with Speech Cube subscribers!

Sequencing Cards

This month's @thesparkinnovations Sequencing Cards set is focused on "Going to the Airport" and fits perfectly with our transportation theme! These are also a great add-on activity at the end of the year when vacation is on everyone's minds! 

I love to use these sequencing card sets as a warm up for my sessions. They "spark" (get it?) lots of conversation between you and your students! I also frequently use them during my assessments to gather informal narrative language data.

Categories Visuals

Another great sentence strip and visual (dry erase, too!) to add to your collection. For a simple, quick, and no-prep activity, pull out your growing collection of mini objects from past Speech Cubes and mix them all in a mystery bag. Have students take turns pulling an object out and labeling the categories. Easily add on skills like: describing, labeling objects and actions, and giving opinions.  

Also included this month is a stylish mask holder headband and cute speech therapy sticker from @speakingofsemantics


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