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May 2021: "Summer Nights"

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Our May TPT Seller of the Month of May is Lauren @upstateslp!

Find Lauren on Teachers Pay Teachers and Instagram and check out her interactive and digital materials!
This month, Lauren created a Summer Owl Interactive Book (with a focus on prepositions and pronouns) for all May subscribers!
Did you miss it? Check it out here!

Hoot Owl Hoot Game

One of our favorite cooperative games from @peaceable_kingdom! Why cooperate games? Straight from the source, Peaceable Kingdom says, “cooperative games are offer games where kids and families learn to work together, play together, and laugh together.” This is perfect for working on pragmatic skills with our students! An added bonus: Peaceable Kingdom games are made of all recyclable materials and created with the Earth in mind! 

The object of Hoot Owl Hoot is to help the owls safely fly home to their nest after they’ve bene exploring the dark forest at night. Some ideas to add to your lesson plan:

  • Read a book related to owls, forests, or night time.
  • Listen to a song about walking through the forest. Talk about what you saw or heard in the forest.
  • For older students: Talk about Owl or Forest facts. Each color can be a different category/topic (i.e. if you land on a blue, tell an animal that you see in the forest.)

Cranial Nerves Tote Bag

We’re loving this cute Cranial Nerves tote from Kate at Parts of Speech! Let’s throw it back to grad school - can you remember the mnemonic device you used to remember the order of the cranial nerves?

Glow in the Dark Pop-It


You -- I mean your students! -- are going to love adding this sensory item into your therapy. Aside from a great fidget, the Pop-It can be used for:

  • Articulation trial counter
  • Use it to segment syllables or as a pacing board
  • Write a letter on each Pop and use it to spell target articulation words during a turn. 
  • For older kids: check out the “Pop It Game” on YouTube or Tik Tok! 
  • Make it complex by discussing whether Pop Its should be allowed in school. Use the functions of academic discourse (i.e. stating opinions, agreeing/disagreeing, asking follow up questions, etc) to engage your students in higher level language tasks.   

 Nighttime Routine Sequencing Cards

This month our Spark Innovations sequencing cards set focuses on “Nighttime Routines.” This set comes with question prompts to focus on who, what, where, when, why, and how questions during your lesson. Engage students in talking about what is in their nighttime routine at home. It’s a great time to talk about how their routine is the same or different from the boy in the pictures. Routines are a great way to work on “when” questions -- when do you brush your teeth? When do you sleep? When do you eat cereal? Use our when question visual (included in this box!) as a prompt.  

In the Clear Makeup Remover

Just add warm water and wipe away the day! 

SLP Sticker

Saying “One Day at a Time” (over and over and over again) got me through the YEAR that was May and June 2021! Amiright?! This month’s @thegigglyslp sticker was SPOT ON. Now let’s hope Summer also goes just One Day at a Time. Check out her Etsy Shop for more fun and creative stickers, shirts, and other SLP items!

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