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Picnic Language Activities

Picnic Language Activities

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Start building your themed lessons with some PICNIC themed speech-language activities! NOTE: if you are a month-to-month subscriber, this is the same resource you received with our picnic-themed Speech Cube!

See your options below:

Option 1: Digital File Only:  10 picnic-themed activities including: 

  • 🧺 "I Spy" Games with food categories and descriptors
  • 🧺 WH Question Probe - WHO goes on a picnic? WHERE do you sit on a picnic? 
  • 🧺 Picnic Scene - work on following directions, pronouns, shape/color vocabulary
  • 🧺 I found + color/noun sentence expression
  • 🧺 Sentence frames for requesting, pronouns, shapes, describing
  • 🧺 Pronouns - subjective/possessive - put the food in the baskets
  • 🧺 Real photos - fruit, seeds, plants, vegetables, non-fruit
  • 🧺 Is it a fruit? Organizer with yes/no question prompts
  • 🧺 Categorizing - sweets, drinks, fruits, vegetables
  • 🧺 Make it Match: Ant/Watermelon Prepositions book
  • 🧺 Parent handout: Language Facilitation: On a Picnic
  • 🧺 Digital copy of picnic-themed communication board
  • 🧺 Organization - 2x4 image for mesh bag labels & full page for binder  

Option 2: Digital File AND FULLY Prepped:

Want these resources made for you? We will print, laminate, and assemble the color activities included in the digital file. Choose from organization in a 3-ring binder or mesh bag!  Please allow 3-5 business days for preparation of this option.

This product includes licensed images from the Smarty Symbols library. All rights reserved to Smarty Symbols, LLC Used with permission.